Clinic Services

Our Clinical Services

Physiotherapy modalities for pain and spasm

Manual therapy and myofascial release

Manipulation of the spine and joints

Manipulation under anesthesia - MUA

Flexion distraction and spinal decompression therapy

Rehabilitation and work conditioning

Neuroelectric testing using electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies

Vital capacity evaluation

Pain management and TENS

Weight loss and weight management

Sports Injury and rehabilitation

Motor vehicle accident and work related Injury management

X-ray and radiology services on site

Impairment and disability rating for medical legal purposes

Second opinion services

Preventive Medicine and Wellness

Functional Medicine

Nutrigenomics - nutritional consultation for the prevention and management of chronic illness using a whole-systems approach of functional medicine with an individualized intervention.

Dr. David C. Radford has practiced in Solon for 40 years. He is currently providing comprehensive and individualized spine care as well as Functional Medicine services in the office and via Telemedicine. Call for more information about receiving sound advice on wellness, prevention and the reversal of chronic illness in the comfort of your own home. After hours consultations are available.

Health and wellness presentations for small and large groups.